Community Tools

Assisting Our Neighbors

LDSEROC has developed a simple and effective way to introduce emergency preparation and response to our neighbors. It is called Neighbors Helping Neighbors and utilizes elements of the Power of Three program, encouraging neighbors to prepare based upon real needs during the first three minutes, hours, days and months of an emergency event. 

Neighbors Helping Neighbors includes a series of 3 minute videos that may be used in neighborhood meetings.  Hosted by Peter Vidmar, the videos focus on each of the five steps.  Several large homeowners associations in Orange County have already adopted Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

Becoming Involved in Community Programs

There are many opportunities for members to become involved in emergency response groups and initiatives in the County.  CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) provides excellent hands-on training and is available in most cities .

In addition to CERT, ham radio operators may volunteer to become involved with community and police sponsored amateur radio groups such as RACES, SOARA, and ARES.  The American Red Cross is constantly looking for volunteers to assist with disaster response, preparedness education, health and safety training. LDSEROC can provide additional information regarding these opportunities for service.